About us

Our Company

Our Humble Beginnings

In the Spring of 2000 Steve Fearson launched DownloadMagic.com with a bang by mentioning it during a conversation with Howard Stern, live on the air.  Within minutes the site was bombarded with over 100,000 hits before the free server it was hosted on broke down.  Since then, we have catered to millions of visitors and today offer over 1000 magic downloads in the form of video tutorials, full magic DVDs, magic Ebooks, pdf and Audiobooks!

Our History

Ahead of Our Time

Download Magic was the first pay-for-download magic shop online, slinging digital magic before the average magician even knew what a "download" was. Of course today there are many dealers offering downloadable magic and for many it's become the preferred method of distribution, offering quick and easy access to magic anywhere and anytime.

When you order from Download Magic you can rest assured you're dealing with the most experienced and reputable name in the business. Thank you for shopping with us!


"Steve Fearson is one of the most creative people I have had the pleasure to work with.  His ideas are fresh and original."

David Copperfield 

"Why don't YOU become the world's greatest magician?"

Howard Stern