How We Deliver Your Purchase

Every item on Download Magic is delivered electronically.  We do not ship physical goods.

Delivery is rapid but of course not "instant" since the items must be downloaded or streamed from a remote server to your computer or mobile device.  A live human approves each order before fulfilment to ensure it was placed by another live human and eliminate the possibility of hacking attempts that could potentially bring down our servers and prevent customers from accessing their accounts.  

The fulfillment process requires a one time, automated re-encoding of the video to your account before delivery.  The amount of time required to process each video varies depending on the size of the video and traffic on the server.  The process is automatic and the moment it is completed the video will appear in your viewing library.

Videos in your library do not expire.  You can stream them instantly or download the file to your machine for offline viewing.  And best of all, you can access them from any pc or mobile device anytime, anywhere on Earth!